Tokio Marine Canada’s Surety Solutions team seeks to distinguish itself from other markets by making the phrase “being bonded” mean something again.  

We aspire To Be a Good Company supporting good companies, who value relationship, expert advice and surety backing to take their businesses to the next level.

Tokio Marine Canada’s Surety Solutions team provides excellent service and solutions to a select network of insurance brokers by focusing on the following core segments: 

    • Commercial
    • Developer & Residential
    • Contract Performance & Payment
    • Large Commercial



Tokio Marine Canada offers commercial surety, comprised of numerous types of miscellaneous bonds across a broad number of classes including:


  • License & Permit (Compliance instruments such as Consumer Protection Bonds)
  • Customs & Excise (Tax and Duty deferral instruments and Appeal Bonds)
  • Fiduciary (Estate Administration, Guardianship of a Minor or Incapable Individual, Waiver of Probate)
  • Lost Instrument (For the replacement of lost stock/share certificates)
  • Carnet (Single Trip and Blanket Bonds for goods traveling outside of Canada)

Contract Performance and Payment


Tokio Marine Canada has the capacity and expertise to help small to larger mid-sized firms grow across Canada, while providing the necessary protection and safeguards to various stakeholders.

Tokio Marine Canada can support all types of contractors with a focus on:

  • General Contractors
  • Civil and Heavy Civil Contractors
  • Trade Contractors
  • Waste/Recycling Contractors

Developer and Residential

Tokio Marine Canada offers support for various developer and residential bond and insurance needs across Canada including:


  • Tarion Bonds
  • Deposit Protection Insurance
  • Warranty Insurance
  • Subdivision Bonds

Large Commercial

Tokio Marine Canada offers support for Large Commercial surety risks, which typically reside in the mining and reclamation industry.

Please note: While we have appetite and strong underwriting resources in this space, we are an environmentally conscious company.  We take our commitment to ESG seriously and will be mindful of this as opportunities present themselves in this segment. Our ability to partner with our sister companies providing additional capacity and underwriting expertise is what sets us apart. 

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Surety Solutions Team

Elizabeth Diotte, SVP, Professional & Financial Solutions
Elizabeth Diotte, SVP, Professional & Financial Solutions